New years day

It feels so wrong to be going into a new year without you pauline. I love you and I wish you were here with me. Life has no meaning withoutyou. I hold you close within my heart and you are forever in my thoughts. Everything I do is for you. If I had my way I would be with you, but I have to take care of our babies. Truth be told they are taking care of me. Without them and their love I would be even more lost. But I just can’t stop feeling empty. I’m a shell of the person I was. All I want is to make you proud. You gave me so much in life and filled my heart with love and for all that I thankyou. Its your love and memory that gives me strength even at my weakest . I was so blessed to have had you in my life, you made it worth living and withoutyou I’m just existing and waiting to be reunited with you. Be at peace beautiful and know that I love you and always will.


Such a loving tribute your special lady. It is so strange to know that I have spent the whole of 2021 without the man of my dreams. Now when I talk about him I can’t say what we did “last year”. I feel like he is getting further away from me and it is killing me. I only had three and a half years with my wondeful husband and only just married for over a year but they were most amazing and best years of my adult life. I don’t know how I will get through the rest of my life but because of the love of my family and friends I will do my best.
I will love my Neil always and forever.
Wishkng you all strength to get through this new year x

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@Laneyb hi laneyb thank you. I’m so sorry you lost your Neil and for the heartbreak you are going through. I think it’s their love for us and our love for them that helps us to keep going as well. We were blessed to have had the time we did with them although it wasn’t long enough. I wish you strength for the year ahead and hope we can all find some peace along the way. Sending hugs x