New Year's Resolution

I found the following on Aftertalk.
New Year’s Resolution for the grieving.

  • I resolve to not place time limits on my grief; it will take as long as it takes.
  • I resolve to acknowledge my grief as my own-that it is as individual as I am-and will take shape in its own unique way.
  • I resolve to be mindful of the need for flexibility when it comes to the expectations of others (and myself).
  • I resolve to not be pressured by “shoulds.”
  • I resolve to cut myself some slack when I am not as productive as I might like, behave in ways uncharacteristic of my usual self or simply “don’t care.”
  • I resolve to accept that others may not understand my pain, and it is probably not realistic to expect that of them. (Until one has walked the path, how can one know the terrain?)
  • I resolve to express my feelings without guilt, and not apologize for tears.
  • I resolve to be grateful for concerned others who willingly just listen.
  • I resolve to recognize that my acceptance of assistance and support of others allows them the blessing of giving.
  • I resolve to forgive those who say or do that which feels hurtful, recognizing that unkindness is not intended.
  • I resolve to extend to myself the same grace and patience I would to others, were they in my situation.
  • I resolve to find some little way each day to begin to reinvest in life, in an effort to move toward hope and a sense of purpose.
  • I resolve to continue to speak my loved one’s name, tell our stories and embrace my memories.

Hi. Kate. And everyone so positive! Now that’s what I like to see. Thank you. I think we all appreciate the difficulty in keeping to resolutions. Especially the newly bereaved. But to keep those in mind when we feel down can help.

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Those are are all fab!!!thank you. I’m always apologising for my tears.

Beautiful x

Hello Lisa, I’m sorry for your loss. You’ve come to the right place for love, comfort and understanding. Big hug xx

Hi Kate, thanks for the New Years resolutions. I am copying it and will be ticking off each resolution I manage each day. Give us all something to think about and aim for.
Love Pat xx

Oh Yeah Pat!!! I will tick them off too, but I bet you have more tick offs than me. They are all wonderful resolutions, but my good intentions so often go out of the window after a short time. Alright then, I will try. Let you know later how I get on. Love and a hug. John. XX

Hi John, I never bother with resolutions. Perhaps I don’t consider I have any bad habits !!! Well, | I don’t smoke, drink and not overweight and these are usually the problem (I’m sure I have plenty more though, in fact I know I do) But I think these resolutions sent by Kate are well worth us all giving them a go.
Yes, let’s see how many of us can do them.
Love Pat xx

We owe it to them, our loved ones to keep them and their name alive for as long as WE live…No point in resolutions, as there is no guarantee they wont get broken as no idea what is in store for any one of us…best to just take life as it comes, and just go with the flow as nothing is ever guaranteed in this life…

Yes i do like Kate’s " positive " resolutions,…some are definitely worth giving a go…and several resonate with me and my bereavement…particularly the first one…

The last one is my favourite. I can do that easily, without effort. Xx

Come on Pat!! We both know how clever and wonderful we both are. Who needs resolutions. Being perfect can be difficult at times.:innocent:

Sorry folks. A bit of a smile at times can help.:grin::roll_eyes:
Love to all.

Reminds me of when my husband and I were getting ready to go out, I would say are you already ready, and he would reply of course you can’t improve on perfection x

Your right Kate, I do the last one every day, I also like the one before it as well. So last two are a definite.
Pat x xx

Hi John, How I wish… Yes also agree, we have to smile to get other people to smile back. I think I smile more now than ever. I’m miserable enough so want to see people smiling and if possible being nice to each other.
Pat xx

Hi Kate. Thank you for these resolutions…very apt and appropriate. Hope life is progressing positively for you. X