Hi everyone I’m Andy a newbie on here looking for friends that are happy to talk about how they are feeling, in June 2020 I lost my wife to Ovarian Cancer and was her carer until she sadly passed away at the age of 55 I’m am also 55.
I can talk about living with cancer or dealing with loss end of life as it’s very fresh in my mind .

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So sorry to hear over the loss of you’re wife at such a young age.
I lost my sister April 2020 to a brain tumour she was just 50.

Hi Paula so sorry to hear that about your sister so sad and also such a young age x

Hi Andy
I sorry you have lost your wife to ovarian cancer, cancer is such a evil disease.
Karen, my wife, died at the end of August from metastatic bowel cancer that went into her ovaries and then into her peritoneal.
There are people on here who are going through the same emotions and feelings as you are. Please keep reading and posting

I’m so sorry for your loss, I l lost my wife to the same cancer last Thursday we had been married 65 years, Of course I am still in shock in a bad way I have had a bad day today wandering from room to room doing nothing but thinking of June and missing her so much. Bye for now Newbie.

Thinking of youi too have ovarian cancer and its terminally so i feel for you i lost my dad in november and my mum in feb im just so thankful i have a loving husband i best friend and a great family and now this lovely group sending love and big hugsxxx

Hi Jillybean thanks for your message my heart goes out to you keep your chin up my love xx

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Your welcome if you ever want to chat im here how do i grieve when i cant accept losing them both lovexxx