Newly widowed

Hi guys. Oh boy this is hard! I have been widowed now 3 weeks after my darling wife A passed from late stage lymphoma. A had probably been unwell for months but all the classic symptoms were masked completely by other things - when we finally went to hospital A was discovered to have late stage and untreatable lymphoma. Two weeks later despite a desperate and brave fight my darling wife of 30 years - mother to our son - slipped away as I held her hand. I am now just lost - utterly lost. Funeral is next week and I am dreading it. Grief has completely overwhelmed me and I see point - other than caring for my adult son - to going on at all. It’s all so unfair for A who deserved so much better. What is the point now of anything?


I feel exactly the same as you xx

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Your beautiful wife is the point. You are still alive and she’d want you to carry on and live because she didn’t get that chance. It would be unfair to not carry on and keep going for her sake. Sorry if that sounds blunt.
I lost my wife in September last year. We have 3 boys. I have to carry on for them, but I also have to carry on for her and myself. She’d be shouting “don’t EVER give up. You must carry on and live your life while you have chance. You have that chance, I don’t”
Take care and don’t let the thing that killed her ever beat you. I reckon you owe her that much.


I lost my husband 5 weeks ago he hadbeen battling cancer for 7 years and was doing so well until February this year then the cancer just seem to take over him. I do understand how you feel and the pain that you are feeling its raw and unbearable. Sending hugs


The beginning of grief is overwhelming. It eats into every but if you and doesn’t let up. The dark days are all consuming and you don’t see the point.
This does ease. It’s doesn’t stay that bad. The rawness subsides and days of no tears will come. Then days when you laugh at something funny without guilt. Then there are days where you don’t feel so bad at all.

This isn’t the case for everyone, we are all on different journeys, we have different stories. But it does get easier.

Take small steps, day at a time, don’t go into the future (that’s too hard), embrace the bad days, don’t fight the grief.

Keep posting here, we’ve been there, we get it. Everyone is really supportive.

I know there’s no purpose right now but there will be, just give it time.

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