Next month is my lees 1 year anniversary

20th may 2021 my whole life died right infront of me 36 years old, I honestly don’t know how I’ve got thru nearly a year without My Lee, apart from my son he is the only reason I’ve kept going, support from friends and family ended very quickly it’s now non existent I’m just left to get on with it 33years old I have lost the love of my life my whole future we had planned all gone I just don’t know how I’m going to go through life without him.

Hi Hayley. I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand. I lost my husband to cardiac arrest. It will be twelve months on Sunday. You get through it an hour at a time and then a day at a time. You put one foot in front of the other every day. You cry when you need to whenever and wherever that might be. I coped for three months and everyone remarked how well I was taking it. Even I thought so and then I sat in the house when my sister had returned to work and the silence and loneliness just hit me. I fell apart. The anxiety and depression set in. I’m doing a little better in that I don’t cry every day. Some days are not so bad but others are awful. I feel the loss and it’s unbearable and I feel I am back at the beginning. It comes in waves. We learn to live with our loss and put on a brave face for the outside world. You find out who your friends are as a lot of support suddenly dries up. People go back to their own lives. They don’t intend to forget you but they just don’t realise what we are going through. The sad thing is they to will feel like us one day. We have to hold on to our memories. I think of the lyrics of “if tomorrow never comes will she know how much I loved her will the love I gave her in the past be enough to last if tomorrow never comes. I got a little puppy otherwise I don’t think I would have ever left the house again. Life is very different. There is a sadness that never leaves me but I wake each day and put one foot in front of the other. I hope that in future I can laugh and think of my H and smile and be glad that I found my soulmate as some people never do. Take care and keep talking x

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Yore experience is just so similar to mine lee had a cardiac arrest and I found him minutes after I was hopeful he would pull through but after 3 days on
Life support the doctors told us Lee had brain stem cell death so he had died now I suffer from ptsd anxiety and depression yes it really does come in waves every morning I wake up my first though is was that a bad dream then I realise no it’s a living nightmare, I don’t think I’ve fully accepted that he’s really gone, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept it . Thank you for reaching out and replying it means a lot. X

Hi I lost my husband to be last year it all so very hard and very lonely life is just not the same I feel I don’t belong in the normal world anymore, I just don’t feel the person I once was I have found it very helpful talking to people on here , we are all going through the same feelings , you have so much support from friend and family then they think your not to bad and the company gets less then you feel even more alone , we have to keep positive xx