Hi I am still getting panic feeling at night. Is that nor still after 7 months? X

@Tina4 hi Tina I am so very sorry for your loss I lost my partner pauline in April I don’t think there is any normal during grieving we all grieve differently its a hard journey and so heartbreaking I hope you have support around you I feel lost all of the time and empty without her I do find it helps a little talking on here I would also suggest you talk to your doctor they might be able to help with the panic feeling also have you tried any relaxation techniques and have you had any counselling that might also help stay safe and take care sending hugs x

Yes tried all sorts. Guess it’s one of those thing I have to live with for a while. Thank you for your feed bk. Stay strong and safe x

@Tina4 thankyou how about meditation not something I have done but I have heard it can help some people stay safe and strong my thoughts are with you x