no birthday celebrations for me.

put this in local paper for this weeks edition
No birthday celebrations for me
Nothing can ease the pain i feel every day ,Over the loss of my soul mate Jayne,She meant the world to me,
Jayne was a very special lady and i was honored to have loved and been loved by her.I hope one day to be reunited
with the love of my life.Not a day goes by when i dont shed a tear of sadness, Knowing in this life, I wont ever feel
the depth of love we shared for 28 years.Till the day we meet again,Jayne will forever be in my heart and soul.
all my love Ian xxxxxxxx

Hi Ian, such lovely words. It is my birthday tomorrow and I wish I could go to sleep tonight and not wake up until Thursday when it is all over. This time last year we had no idea that this would be the last happy birthday I had. It is my step-daughter’s birthday as well (I have been her Mum since her own Mummy died when she was 10). It is also her Grandma’s birthday as well and George always made such a special fuss of our birthdays. With Father’s day always happening around the same time (we have 7 children between us) the house was full of cards, flowers and happiness and now I cannot bear the thought of the day without him. My daughter left home just before George became ill in September last year and now I am going to wake up without either of them. I am desperate to wake up with him and feel absolutely panic stricken that he is not going to be here. It is nearly 7 months since he died and I don’t know how I will cope. Like you I shed tears every day, and I hope that one day we will be reunited, it is the only thing I live for. Thank you for sharing your words. Take care Debbie xx

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your welcome and thank you very much for your kind words and for replying to my post.and im very sorry for the loss of your loved ones.its actually my birthday tomorrow,and i wont be celebrating in any fashion although i did by a birthday cake like Jayne always used to do ,will cut some cake for a few friends.Ive got a meeting with the chaplain from the east cheshire hospice,she is trying help with situation im in with Jaynes not so nice mum whose taken it on herself to try get everything she can of Jaynes.she didnt show Jayne much if any love at the funeral or in the write up in the local paper .so much so that i wrote an article about Jaynes work history and nice things that Jayne did in her life.and how much i and her friends loved ,and how proud i was of her achievements throughout her life.
regards Ian ,hope you get through your birthday with out getting to upset.

Hi Ian, it’s my birthday tomorrow. First time in 42 years I have not had a card from Steve. He passed away 12/4/2019. Having always been s bit of a card hoarder I kept a couple of birthday , Christmas and anniversary cards from close relatives. I dug an old one out from Steve to me and it is now next to his photo. A friend of mine still buys cards for her husband.

thank you for you reply.ive got loads of birthday christmas and vatentines cards me and my special lady Jayne sent each other over the getting them copied so i can put them on a memory stick and put them on my one drive and my pictures section of my computer.loads of our cards were brought for the lost without my Jayne,ive picked a few photos out,ive not got many as we didnt take many .but ive decided to find a tattoist and get a few portraits of Jayne on me.ive no other tattoos ive often thought about it,but couldnt be bothered ,but Jayne was my world and i cannot go through life with just memories i want every one to know how much i loved and still love Jayne.not sure id buy a birthday card for Jayne,i know i will put an aticle in the local paper when its Jaynes birthday.think ive already put several articles in the paper over the few months since i lost Jayne.
regards Ian,hope you manage to get through your birthday without getting to sad.

It’s my birthday on the 23rd last year it was spent in hospital.
Tonight last year was the last night Margaret and I spent together in our home I took her to hospital the next day and she never came home. I miss her more now than ever.

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