NO Broadband

Just to let everyone who is in contact with Mary, she has no broadband at the moment so not to worry.


Aww that’s good, thanks for letting us know, I was worried , she always posts x

I also have Virgin Broadband and mine has been going off and on for weeks now.


Same here, I’ve got sky broadband it’s been on and off aswell, :roll_eyes: x

hope it gets sorted soon,
not sure if you’ve got mobiles with lots of data usage available ,but its possible to use your mobile as a hotspot to connect to the net.just an idea sorry if its no help as you’ve no available data.just that years ago a house we rented for our holidays had no wifi or broadband,so I contacted EE my mobile supplier and added 20gigs of data and set it up as an hotspot.
and was online before I knew it.

Yes I have done that with my mobile, but the problem is, the wireless signal on my mobile is horrendous, I have to sit at the front window to get a signal before I can make a call that is why I had to pay extra for a landline. It is ridiculous, you buy a mobile phone then can only use it outside so you again pay extra for a landline which never works. If I had a chimney, it would be easier to send out smoke signal messages.

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I think probably everyone’s broadband is playing up a little because of demand. I’m with BT. Ian’s right you can log in to hotspots. I go on to BT WiFi with Fon. I just have to log in with my BT email and password. Perhaps worth investigating ladies. Other than that you might have to light a bonfire in your garden Sheila and resort to those smoke signals :joy: xx

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:joy::joy: it is the signal that’s the problem all round, good idea with the smoke signals xx

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Yes, it is everything really, just downright poor signals whether mobile or Broadband. It all depends where you live. My Landline is great, when it is working. I was just streaming a film from my laptop to my TV when it went off, I lost the connection and had to find another streaming service to finish watching the film.
The annoying part is we are not getting a refund for lack of service, because Ofcam have stopped it until the Coronavirus has ended, they blame the problems on lack of staff being able to repair faults quickly enough. I understand that but we should not have to pay for a service we are not getting, they can find the staff to send our bills out.
Phones are a lifeline to we grieving people, it is bad enough being isolated and not being able to visit our families, but not being able to talk to them either is ridiculous.


I totally agree, Broadband is a lifeline for us all, they’re always quick enough to take our money for services, but always too slow at refunding it :roll_eyes:
I do FaceTime with the grandkids and it’s always cutting out, I hope Mary can get sorted soon x


I know I was without it for nearly a week, on and off all the time. I found a website that gave the statistics of Virgin Media outage and it was horrendous just how many people were without anything at all, some were posting in the middle of the night in order to report it whilst it was working. What makes me laugh is when the Internet is down and we cannot use our computers and the wireless signal on our mobile phones is rubbish, Virgin tell us to go onto their website and fill in a complaints form, how do you get onto the website when nothing is working. I tried ringing them once on my mobile phone, I was sitting on the front doorstep because the signal was so poor in the rest of the house and I was waiting for someone to answer the phone for over an hour then when I did get someone, I could not tell what the heck they were saying as they did not speak the Queen’s English.


I know what you mean, it’s just too funny to be true, can’t get on the internet to check the problem, as they suggest cos the internet’s down, and then wait an hour listening to some terrible music, and finally get through and end up hanging up , if we don’t laugh we’ll cry .
It is bad this day and age, if we live in the countryside we’re buggered, x

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It is more frustrating than anything else, especially when our laptops and phones are the only way of communication we have.
I decided to clean the wrought iron gates today and give them a spray with black Hammerite paint. This afternoon went to bed for a couple of hours, I am finding more and more I need my afternoon nap because I have been so busy in the garden doing repairs, painting and creosoting my fence panels. By next week it will all be done with and then I can just concentrate on the garden hedges. Hopefully my handyman will soon start to come again, he is an elderly man, younger than myself, who does small jobs for a few pounds in his pocket so I like to help him out and it saves me having to trim the hedge.
Well, time to watch a film, hopefully, Virgin is working at the moment so fingers crossed.

Wow you’ve been busy, I find it hard to get motivated sometimes, then I have a burst of energy and can get a lot done.
It is hard trying to keep up with the jobs that need doing on the house, especially when we’ve never done them before, YouTube comes in handy, I can learn whole new skills :roll_eyes:
I suppose it’s best to keep busy aswell, especially if the broadbands not working :joy:
Hope you can get to the end of your film :joy: x

Going out to clap shortly so hopefully it will still be working when I get back in.

Stay safe.

I clapped too, Sheila,
There was hardly anyone out, I think people are getting fed-up now. There doesn’t appear to be any end to this lockdown in the near future.
I am not kidding, I could run faster with my trousers down than this computer can move, it is driving me bonkers. (more bonkers than I am) :grinning: my laptop has packed in too. :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:
If I disappear, it is because this
desktop is in our garden, I have thrown it through the window. :exploding_head: :exploding_head:
Stay safe,
love, Mary x x x x

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Hi Mary.
have you tired clearing you cache,because that can cause your computer to run slow.
also clear history and cookies,just a thought.if it doesnt help im sorry.
hope you can get it sorted soon.
also closing programs you are not using that are running in the back ground may speed it up a little to.

Dear Mary,
Mine is still working and our John said he tried to ring me on the landline this morning but it made a funny sound so he sent me a text message instead. I am also finding Alexa to be very slow, when I ask her something she is not responding straight away so I have to ask her again. That is also down to a poor signal., I am totally fed up with it but it appears everyone is in the same boat. Goodness knows what is going on.
Everyone was in the street last night clapping, playing music, there are flags up around the street for VE Day, this pandemic has brought everyone together, people looking out for the ones who are alone or have someone in hospital.
I told our son today that I am staying in lockdown until we can go out without masks or having to take precautions. I think by next summer we should be on the right track, to be honest, I have got used to it, I have done a lot of work in the garden and got all my diy done and that is a load off my mind, so now I can relax, my life now is not much difference to the life I have lived since Peter died nearly 6 years ago. I just miss going out for afternoon tea or looking around the departmental stores but it seems as though they will have all closed down by the time this is all over.
Please stay safe and look after yourself.

That is a good idea, get rid of all the rubbish that accumulates whilst browsing. But it was the signal in my case, it kept stopping and saying no internet, the an hour later it would come back on again. My cookies etc. are set to clear automatically on a daily so I haven’t that to worry about.


Thank you, so much Ian,
I have cleared loads of unwanted files and already my computer has speeded up.
Stan always used to do this for me, I have never given it a thought for the last 9 months.
Your help is much appreciated.

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