No Emails coming through.

I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but I am still not receiving emails, they are not in inbox, spam, sent, trash but what is happening, when I log into the Sue Ryder website to check if anything new has come on, there is a number on my profile telling me there are messages, and whilst I am reading them or replying to them, a box pops up telling me I have another message.
That is no good to me if I can only see messages when I log into the website, I want to receive emails that tell me I have a message.


Hi Sheila, Yes, I’m very sorry - we are working on this. Please see my reply here for more information: Not getting emails.

Hi Priscilla, Yes I have seen your email previously about this and you state to click on normal which should be in pink at the bottom of the message. but there isn’t a normal in pink mentioned, it states ‘watching’ in pink so I assume that I am watching this particular message forum but still not receiving emails if anyone on this forum messages me or replies to another email.

Ah, sorry, if you have started the conversation it will be on ‘watching’ by default, you only need to change it if it is a conversation started by someone else.

If they are still not coming through for conversations you are watching, then I would suggest checking your spam or junk mail folder in your email inbox, to see if they are going in there by accident.

Hi Priscilla,
I’ve delved a bit deeper in my email problem as I’m still not getting any emails anymore. The spam filter isn’t touching the incoming emails now but the problem I’m seeing is that the emails from this forum are failing validation so are instantly rejected.
To me it looks like the sender address is not valid - so my mail server does not like them.
I was receiving emails just fine before the upgrade and they were coming from
Sorry if this is a bit technical but I’m trying to help what might be affecting other people.

Hi Shaun,
Hmm, interesting. That’s not the correct send address showing in your images, but they are coming through to me from the correct one so I’m not sure why it is different. I’ll get our technical team to do a little more digging. Thanks so much for looking into that and for the screengrab - no need to apologise for being technical, it’s really useful to have more information.

I’ve taken down your screengrab images for privacy reasons, since your email address was visible in them, but I’ve saved them for us to have a look at here.

Hi Priscilla,
Thanks for that. I was going to suggest deleting my image as I realised afterwards that I hadn’t blocked out my email address. Silly me!
The other difference I think I noticed was that the sending server was different too so sounds like some configuration issue somewhere. I’m a technical minded person but no email expert!

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@Shaun73 @Lonely OK - we’re getting there, I think! You should now default to ‘watching’ any conversation that you post in, which means that notifications should, in theory, be sent for any conversation you post in.

However, we are also double-checking the information that Shaun sent through to see if there are any configuration issues that are also affecting the emails getting sent out.

Please do let me know if you start getting emails!