NO motivation. LOST!

My partner died 2 months ago after losing a 8 month battle with Liver Cancer. We were very much in love and i am broken and lost. I am usually a very active person and am getting through the week but weekends are so hard. I have lept myself very busy (probably too much) the last 6/7 weekends but am exhausted!

Hi TomS,

Are you feeling any less exhausted today? It’s a very normal reaction to go into overdrive a bit and keep yourself busy (sometimes too busy) after a significant loss, but you may also find that you’re feeling more tired than usual. It’s important to do what feels right for you at this difficult time and also to listen to your body.

Take care of yourself. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you.

Best wishes,

Hi Tom, I am sad to read that you lost your soulmate, the amount of love we have for a person impacts on our grief and what you are feeling at the present is the same that I went through. I was full of ideas of what to do but no energy to do anything. Some days just getting dressed was hard. All I can say is hang-in there things will change in time. You do need to eat well, protein not just the sweet things because your body needs it even if your brain says it can’t cope with cooking. This grieving thing is hard work but does get better. We are all different but have things in common and from my own experience the exhaustion was one I did not understand because like you I was always busy and I use to run but when my lovely soulmate went everything else went and life became one long struggle with no energy to do anything with but it changes and you have good days. Eat well and try to enjoy this wonderful sunshine, life goes on and does become different in time. Take care and bless you. S

Hi Tom,

I am sorry to read your post and the hard time you have been having. Two months is no time at all and added with the time you spent looking after your partner I am not surprised you are exhausted.

I would second the eating well, Susie is quite right. I found comfort food worked well for me, scrambled eggs, beans on toast, baked potatoes. Anything that was not too much hassle to prepare. You honestly will feel much better and it will give you strength to get through each day. Your partner I am sure would not want you to become ill yourself now.

This wonderful weather at the moment is a bonus. I have breakfast in the garden everyday before the sun gets too fierce and find that helps me. A walk in the evening when the worst of the heat has gone is also good. It is peaceful and a good time to reflect on things.

The downside of the hot weather is it saps your energy so combined with your tiredness is not the best. Don’t let yourself become dehydrated as that again will make you feel rotten.

Tom, you take good care of yourself. Keep coming back here if you need people to chat to.


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