No one to share or have fun with

Now on my own 3 weeks today. We always thought of wash other and got each other silly small things. We shared and enjoyed giving to each other. Days before her final week she got me a star baker apron. I got her a hot potato toy (charity) but won’t be delivered till August and raised money for NHS. She was a staff nurse at local hospital. Unfortunately she will never get to see me giving it to her… don’t have children. Just me on my own.

Hi, just to send you our love and thoughts, I have responded to your other post but don’t want you to think you have been missed with this one. Blessings.S

Thanks. I just keep posting to help me make some sort of sense out of what has happened. Thanks for replying. It would be less painful having a leg cut off with a blunt knife.

I can appreciate how you feel, the first few weeks/months are very hard and there isn’t much that makes sense. Truthfully things do improve, you kind of learn to live with the loss and it gets easier, never going away but somehow you get through it. You will always miss your soulmate and you can read messages on this site and they are all feel the same. In the early days life feels so different, all your dreams are shattered along with your broken heart, the pain is horrible but things do get better as I say. You sound a strong lady and that’s what you have to tell yourself, that you are strong. Life will be better. Keep posting, writing helped me and there’s an unlimited amount of paper. Your in my thoughts and prayers. S

Thanks my wife (in the picture) is the one I lost. I’m her husband. Not a problem by the way. I thought I was the strong one in our relationship. But how she handled what the consultants bluntly told her she was far stronger and braver than me.

I did understand the relationship but didn’t realise the photo or if you are Allison or Jay? She was the staff nurse so there’s no way the consultant could dress up the prognosis. It’s been a difficult few months for you both and now you got to show her just how strong you are and prove to her that you can deal with what life throws at you. There’s no problem with you writing to me or sending a message anytime, we here for you. Take small steps and think you can get through this horrible time because you can. Eh, if I can when my soulmate left then you can. Sxxx

You are all so kind on here. It gets me through the day and night