No relatives

Hi I feel so stressed facing my husband’s many close knit relatives since I don’t have any such relatives.

My mother was an adopted child and her relatives are not close to me.

I lost her last year when I was 28 yrs old.I am an only child too and I feel isolated.i find it hurtful when my in laws ask questions like “ do your aunts talk to you” etc.
I don’t want to reach out to my relatives because I don’t want to beg for their time. I don’t want pity either.My aunts have children of their own. I can’t ask them to care about me.
I know this is not the biggest issue but it’s so painful.
I am afraid of festive holiday times like Christmas.Also if my father chooses to remarry as he wishes to do now,I will be left with no family at all.


Sweet Mona …

I am sorry you lost your mother. I miss my mom and dad every day, also only child.

It is up to all of the others to show you love and concern. You are the one who lost your mom.

These things are painful. All you can do is march on while caring for yourself.

Think of how your mom would want you to … she loved you and was so happy to have you. She did not want to leave you. She entrusted you would find your way.

I am glad you have a spouse.

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Yes… that’s very true. As you said my mother would believe in me, that I’ll find my own way whether people help me or not
Thank you so much for replying…it means a lot to me

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