No sleep

It’s been over a week since I lost my partner and I cant sleep at night. Everytime I try I wake up terrified. I’m so tired and I’m fed up of everyone telling me I need to sleep like I’m doing it on purpose. What should I do?

Hi Emmaloo, I lost my partner nearly four weeks ago. His funeral is on Friday. I really struggled with sleeping in the first couple of weeks. Not going off till gone 1am and waking up between 3 and 4am. It is starting to get better. My daughter in law bought me a self care hamper which had a pillow spray which is supposed to aid sleep. Maybe take some night nurse. It will get easier with time but if it doesn’t, go and see your gp.

Much love to you at this difficult time xx

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Hi I sleep with my lamp on and my tv on low so I don,t wake my daughter and I do doze in the end but like you people say you must get sleep but not that easy x

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Hello Emmaloo
I am so sorry for you loss I hear you and I see hou pain sending much love xxx take naps during the day put pillow mist on your pillow and yes speak to your doctor if you are still not sleeping always listening

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Your deep sadness and distress is manifesting through your sleep pattern. I lost my partner 11 months ago and the early morning wakening started fairly recently. Initially I actually slept. All I can say is don’t force it - when you wake make a drink and watch TV for a bit. Try and hold onto really normal things in the moment. I find watching documentaries something which requires minimal concentration . There’s no way round this only through as your love was real. That’s why it hurts so much


Thank you, this made me fell less alone x