None referral to Lymphedema specialist

My husband diagnosed 2014 cancer of mouth surgery 2014 , devolved Lymphedema straight after his surgery.Macmillian was not bothered to refer my husband to a specialist, and my husband suffered badly from these symptoms.In fact he suffered breathing difficulties, effected his swallowing and moving his head and neck .The excuse were ‘ to rule an recurring out ‘ but waited 10 months and 5 days, and a week before my husband died ‘ this Nurse was again asked by us to do something and refer my husband to an Lymphedema specialist, a week later my husband died.Oh no not because of the cancer come back ‘ or terminal illness ‘ he died of 100% clinical negligence because some wise guys used him as a human guinee big, without asking us first.Doctor wise guys decided to sign DNAR without informing consent, but doctors wise guys insisted it was for the best interest, and even thinks they done the right thing and literally bregging about it how cool they are.Thinking they can take over my husbands duty.Slave driver.Very dangerous people, who sedated my husband with drugs and left him to die, but don’t want to have the punishment for that .

Sorry to hear this my partner died of gross Lymphodemia/elephantiatis he had it for 14 years the NHS did nothing and he lost his life through it just over a year ago he was in all the newspapers as it was so rare and grossly disfiguring -hie was negligence and I demanded an enquiry it wont bring him back but you should do the same!!! The dr’s said they had never seen anything like this in this country before YET they still did nothing -it is on the internet under elephant ,man

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