Northampton Parent Bereavement

I lost my mum to COPD, chest infection and sepsis in February last year. We had the funeral in March and went straight into the first very long lockdown. I kept busy in that first lockdown but I am really struggling this time round. I broke my wrist in December and although it is healing now I have had one thing after another, urine infection for two weeks, sinus issues, bacterial infection and have not slept since I broke my arm New Year’s Eve. Generally I am very fit and well and well. But not sleeping has taken it out of me feel very dizzy and faint, with low energy and feel very exhausted and fatigued. Anyway in this period of illness and with no energy I am unable to keep busy and have had more time to think about my mum and how she would have been here for me right now and helped me through this but she is not. Anyway I hope to get better although after 3 months and no help from a doctor other than on a phone line I am feeling very hopeless. Looking for anyone to talk to and maybe become fruends who understands the loss of a loved one who understands how it feels and who is feeling hopeless at the moment. We need to support each other. Northampton, Northants, MK or Beds would be nice to meet for coffee when all this madness ends.

Hi Michelle

I’m so sorry for your loss and deeply sympathise with your feelings of loneliness and hopelessness.

Given the situation of the pandemic, (though there is a never a ‘right’ time to face loss) it can feel so much worse. Know that you have a community here that will always listen.

It must be extremely difficult to find the energy to deal with this period of illness too. Any other less than ideal situations really feel like a slap in the face when you’re already caught in the difficulties of navigating grief.

Aside from the support you can receive on this online community, I believe counselling for the bereaved is another option in which you can discuss how you’re coping and find further guidance on how to keep going. But of course there’s no such thing as moving on, only moving forward with the memory of our loved ones.

all my love

Thank you Grace. Ignore my grammar and spelling I have insomia and haven’t slept in 8 weeks. Yes I will definitely consider councelling for bereavement, insomia and health. Three of my biggest problems at the moment. Hopefully it will become or be part of my healing which I need so much right now. It is nice to connect with people who are going through the same thing. I think I am still in shock over my mum and even thou it has now been a year I can’t believe she is gone.

All my love to


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