My younger sister passed away a year ago. I then watched my Dad suffer a massive heart attack which he thankfully survived. My Mum is now in Intensive Care and has been given a matter of days. I just can’t do this again. I feel like my insides are being ripped out. I can’t breathe. My Dad is wheelchair bound and I’m trying to see my Mum, look after him and deal with my present grief and that which is to come. I just can’t believe I’m going to lose my Mum. She’s my Mum :cry:


I lost my parents in these last ten years. An only child, I never thought I would survive. I come on here to see if I can help. With my losses, I do understand. All I can say is do your very best by them now. you know why? because I can tell you from experience, the day you lose them you will have few regrets. I am so sorry. I so know the feeling. it is the most dreadful chapter in life of all. I miss my mom and dad woefully. Be there, hold her hand. make sure they know how much you love them because when those days of their loss do come, you will have some peace that you did all you could. :yellow_heart: