Not copeing very well

Hi, all not be on for a couple of months
I am finding it very hard at the minute. Lost my mum in January this year . And it is getting harder every day . I have been seeing a couciler as i have mental health problems. But all I want is my mum she was the most important lady in my life when I did to speak to someone she was there . I don’t know what to do no more with out her .

Hello Trigger,

Welcome back. I’m sorry that you’re finding things very hard at the moment. It sounds like you and your mum were incredibly close and that she was a very important person in your life.

It’s good to hear that you’re getting some support from a counsellor at the moment- having that dedicated space to talk about how you’re feeling can be helpful. I hope you also find the support you’re looking for here.

Others in this community have talked about how coping with loss can get harder as time goes on, so I’m sure you’ll get some supportive replies soon.

Take good care of yourself. I’m just a private message away if there’s anything I can do to help.

With best wishes,

Thank you , yes my mum was my world when ever I need to speak to her she was there for me all the time . I miss her so much like I said it is getting harder every day . Thank you for your reply very much appreciated x

Hello Trigger. I am so sorry you’ve lost your mum. Mums are very special people in our lives. After my mum died 6 years ago, I wrote to her in a journal. I do the same to my husband now and I find it very helpful. It’s like talking to them. I tell my husband everything that’s happened, how I’m feeling and how much I love and miss him. I talk about every day stuff just as I would if he were here. It really does help to write it all down. Perhaps you could try writing a journal to your mum. Sending love xx


Hi crazy Kate,
I tryed to wrote a journal but I ripped it up all I was doing was crying but thank you for trying to help x

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