Not coping has made me make mistakes in my life

In 2014 my wife had a really bad miscarriage at 17 week’s.
I found her bleeding out in the bathroom.
This scarred me for life and changed me as a person because not only did we lose the baby and almost lost my wife, part of me went with my unborn child that day.
I have two older children to my first wife.
My oldest daughter is 15 and she feels I abandoned her with her mother but what I feel it came down to is my mental stability.
What can I do ?

This sounds like such a traumatic experience, Shana276, and I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through. Are you getting any support from anyone at the moment? A close friend perhaps, or a family member? It can be really difficult to cope without a good support network and I would encourage you to seek support if you’re trying to manage alone. If it helps we offer online bereavement counselling for community members. This is a free service and you can find out more about it here:

Take care,

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