not coping with grief

i lost my mum a few days ago , and i was also her full time carer , her death was unexpected , even though i believe shes at peace now and not in pain it still hurts , i was her carer for 30 years and lived with her , so coping at the moment is so hard for me . i cant sleep , eat , focus properly this is the 1st time ive lost anyone close to me im looking for advice on how to deal with grieving

Hi im very sorry for your loss.Take it day by day ,try have some me time even a small amount will give your mind and body a release from your nightmare ,because it patiently waits for you to return to it ,it doesnt need sleep or food .Maybe go to your doctors for medication (it helps me ).Your nightmare is very new ,and youve coming to the correct amazing site to offload .Dont be afraid to offload here nobody will judge you or tell you to stop writing on this site .You may in time find a member you connect with .Private messageing you can also do here .I do this quite a lot .I understand the round the clock caring for a loved 1.I was the care for my darling Denise for 8 years .I find it a horrible relief that 1 she isnt suffereing anymore ,and also i have free time .But like yourself i think look at the price ive paid to get this.Eleanor is the community manager on here ,you can also contact her i do.We all have something in common weve lost a loved one .I hope ive helped please keep coming back here people are here to help you .Your not alone although you feel that way you have this amazing site that is open 247 365 .Colin my wife passed 04032016 on her 41 st birthday (im 59 )

Hi fi76. So sorry for your loss. This must be so hard for you…losing your mum and also losing the care that you gave her daily. It is such a huge change in your life. And it is very soon after your loss and change. Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time. Try to keep busy although you won’t feel like anything makes sense. It helps to share your thoughts with someone who understands. This site is helpful… people here understand.
I have been to the library and got some books on grieving…I’ve found this helpful and also the posts of people on this site.
Be kind to yourself…you are fragile right now and need to look after yourself as best you can. This includes accepting help and support if it is comfortable.
Take care and take it a step at a time. Annette xx

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