Not coping with loss of sis in law

My partner and I were full time carers for my sister in law who had cerebral palsy. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in August last year and passed away in November last year. We knew she hadn’t been well but were in complete shock when she was diagnosed with cancer, she had never smoked in her life.

I’m struggling to accept her loss despite having had to move house last month because the house we lived in with her was specifically adapted because she was in a wheelchair. We looked after her at home till,the end something we promised ourselves we would do for her so she had familiar things around her and her friends could visit her.

I’m so lost, I suffer from depression and it’s getting worse. It just doesn’t feel real that’s shes not here even after 4 months. How do I deal with this. We talk about her and remember her all the time as she was such a big part of our lives.

Thank you for reading.


Hi Cher,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your Sister in law. That must have been so difficult losing her to lung cancer. How wonderful that you looked after her at home so she had all her things around her and she could see her friends and family. As well as the gap she has left in your lives you’ve also had to move home, which is a big change. All of this was only 4 months ago too. I can understand that you’re feeling lost & your depression is getting worse. Have you talked to your GP about your depression and how you’re feeling? I’ve had conselling in the past, through my GP, and found it really helpful. The other thing I really try to do is to be kind to myelf. When my Mum died I stopped eating and didn’t exercise much. This made it worse so I gradually started doing all the things that are ‘good’ for me. Keep talking about your feelings & your Sister in law, it’s so important to reach out and get support. Keep posting on here as there are really caring supportive people in the community. Take care x

Thank you for your kind reply tlang.

Take care Cher

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