Not coping

I just miss my wife so very much I can’t bear this pain it’s so lonely

Have you got family you can talk to Ron. At my worst time I phoned the samaritans 116123. They listened when I needed them most xx

Can’t talk to family they don’t understand they just say everything will get better and that doesn’t help I just want this to go wasy xc

I just rang samaritans thsnkyou x

That’s good Ron. You can ring them as many times as you need to. In the early days I rang and couldn’t speak hardly. I just cried. Eventually I could talk and they listened. I hope it helps Ron. Sending hugs

Thanks so much for your help your a star x

In the early days the denial and then sudden realisation loved ones are not coming back is so difficult. The lonliness and the silence hit like a freight train. It was then that I fell apart. I didn’t want to be on my own at all. The anxiety then smacks you in the face with a vengeance. I still struggle it’s all of the above but it has softened a little. I got a dog Ron. He has given me purpose. I have to look after him. Walk him three times a day. Feed him. Cuddle him. He sleeps on my bed and he is another little being. He’s warm and cuddly and I talk to him. People stop and say hello when you have a dog. You are more approachable. At first I walked around the park shaking with anxiety and crying floods of tears. I didn’t care who saw me. I looked like a bag woman. Unwashed hair unmatched clothing. I would drag my hat on and walk. Slowly I have gathered myself and now chat to other dog walkers. It does help. Smudge is a little yorkie and sleeps in my bed. He is company and someone to love. Life is less lonely with him. I don’t know what I would do without him. Get a dog Ron. Xx

I got one he is called benji it was jannie best fried he sleeps with me in bed igave him one of jannies jumpers to cuddle up with he is my best fried xxx