Not coping

Not coping with the loss of my mum


Me neither, all I can do is send you warmest hugs and be here for a chat. Its been 12 days since my mum died.

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Same here I lost my dad suddenly on his birthday 2 weeks ago finding life very hard we spoke most days sending big hugs to you, take care


So sorry for your loss :black_heart: how are you doing? xx


Firstly thank you for opening up and posting.

Not coping is totally understandable, I have lost both my Mum & Dad in the last two years and there were (still are!) days were I felt totally overwhelmed and didn’t think I was coping!!

Reach out to Family and Friends, contact your GP.
Remember there is the Samaritans 116123, and Shout (txt to 85258) available 24/7.

Set yourself very small targets for each day, eg Self care and celebrate little positives and know your Mum would have been so proud of you for getting through each day.

Here to listen and chat.
Take care x

Ten years in May for me and I feel this pain still :cry: it does get easier and you learn to live differently without your mum I promise you that but the hurt is always there x

Just trying to take each day as it comes, it’s coming up to her first anniversary on the 28th. Thank you for asking how I am, hope you are all doing okay


Me neither, it’s 5 weeks today. Mum’s funeral was the day before her birthday. Dad died 3 years ago.