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Feeling rough Daughter put all the presents around the tree for my grandaughter,and I thought how am I going to sit around the tree on Christmas day watching them open presents it’s something we always did together as a family.I don’t want to be a spoilt sport but can’t bare to see it.I’m going to bed now with a bottle of wine,if this how I feel now what’s the new year going to feel like.I will be thinking of you all on Christmas day.Debbie

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I hope you get through Xmas day in one piece and as best you can Debbie. I had burst into tears in Tesco car park last week after hearing Xmas choir and Dennis and me didn’t even do Christmas. New Year will be especially horrendous for me too. Hope the bottle of wine does the job and you get a good night’s sleep. I think we’ll all be very much aware of each others pain over the coming days. How things change from one year to the next.

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Emotional wreck today…more or less cried my way through the day…I too just want to go to bed with a bottle… im really dreading Christmas day. I think we will all be sat around the table in tears…im trying to be strong for my daughter but I miss my mum very much… my mum loved Christmas so we will all try to get through the day best we can. .hugs to all x

im sorry we are all part of this special club .Christmas is cancelled in my house no decorations or presents too painfull ,But im fortunate i live on my own Stepson ive told him straight come to visit but dont wish me merry christmas al the best to everyone on here Colin

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