Not getting emails.

I have not received any emails telling me I have messages for a couple of day. I went onto the website and found there was three from people I always have conversations with, I have now replied to them.

Also, I can no longer find a way to contact the management team, one day there was a link, the day after no link. So I am putting it on here as I know someone will spot it.


Hi Sheila,
Despite my best efforts I am not seeing email notifications anymore. I’m not ruling out me doing something daft but I’ve checked my settings and I’m expecting some emails from replies to my postings. I hope it’s not just me!

Me too. I havent had an email notification since the start of the new site

Hi everyone – this is an issue we are working on fixing, apologies for any upset or inconvenience it is causing.

There is a workaround which involves switching on notifications for threads you are taking part in. Priscilla has posted instructions for that on another thread: click here to read it.

Online Community team

I haven’t had notifications either. It’s all very confusing!

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Hi, I’m just about finding my way round the new website regarding letters and replies. Also, not keen on the blanked out brown letters in the various threads. Learnt one has to tap the blank space and, if you are lucky, the correspondence appears!

@Lonely, @Shaun73, @C1971 @Jano I’m so sorry about the email notifications. As Mick mentioned, we are working on getting this fixed.

In the meantime, there is a temporary solution, where you can turn on email notifications on a conversation-by-conversation basis - this does still work. I know it is not as straightforward as having them on by default, but it may help you until we can get things fixed.

On any conversation that you want to get email notifications for:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the conversation
  • Click on the pink button that says ‘normal’
  • In the drop-down menu, change the setting to ‘watching’

Hi Priscilla,
I hope you manage to get this sorted soon. I’m pretty sure I’ve done this on some threads but still do not get emails. The Traditions thread I am watching but I haven’t had any emails this morning despite some postings since I switched to the watching option. I didn’t get any emails even though you tagged my on your post too.
I realise there is a chance a spam filter has got to the emails but I used to get emails before the upgrade and only one or two since. The last email I had was a summary ‘How are you feeling today?’ one from 3 days ago.
Others experience the same?

Hi Deidre, whats that about blanked out brown letters? Not sure what you mean.

Hi Shaun, Hmm, OK, thanks for letting me know. I’ve tested the ‘watching’ feature myself and it is working for me. As you say, it is possible your email is accidentally marking them as spam - would you be able to have a look in your email’s spam or junk mail folder to check? If there are any in there, you can mark them as ‘not spam’ to teach your email not to do this in future. You could also add to your safe senders list in your email if you know how to do this.

Well that’s interesting. I’ve checked my spam filtering on my emails account and I can see that some emails have come in and although they are being marked as ‘not spam’ they are being bounced. This started happening after the 11th. I’ve added the email address I use for this site to a whitelist so the spam filter won’t ever get involved to see if that fixes the issue. I’m a very technically minded person but this has got me confused. Nothing was being bounced before the 12th so I’ve no idea what is causing this. A general email came through about 3 days ago just fine and wasn’t bounced. No emails from anyone else are being bounced either.
Further to what I just typed, I’ve had some posts to threads I’m watching this morning and no emails have come into me at all this morning, nothing marked as spam and nothing bounced. My email server logs with my ISP show nothing from this forum this morning. Either I’m going mad or the system has some bugs.

Hi Priscilla,

Still not getting email notifications and none in my Spam inbox. I’m not overly bothered because im monitoring the site so frequently for updates or conversations from online friends- its just frustrating that’s all.

Hi Shaun, I think the fault must have been some irregularity with the website at the time I wrote my complaint. The problem has now gone, hopefully , and all seems normal again. No brown blanked out letters. Deidre
improved or gone,

@Shaun73 @Lonely @C1971 @Jano Have you seen any change in your email notifications over the weekend? I believe this should now be improved.

Hi Priscilla
No change for me, I’ve been involved in conversations but have not received any email notifications.

Hi Priscilla,
Well , your system was sending me emails up until Saturday morning. There were all coming from which is not a valid email sender so they all ended up being bounced and not actually delivered to me. On the plus side, no further emails have been bounced since Saturday but then no emails were sent to me at all since then including anything in response to your message above.
Hope that helps!


I’ve just started getting email notifications through this morning for the first time since the new site began.
I havent done anything to get these so assuming some changes have been put in at your end?

Hi Cheryl, yes, we’ve made a few updates - really glad to hear that it is working for you now.

Unfortunately emails to me are still bouncing. I tried to change my email address in my account and that sent me a confirmation email which also bounced.

Hi Shaun, Yes, I think there is still a further issue which is bouncing emails for some users, although not everyone. I’m really sorry about this - we think we know what’s causing it, so we’re working on fixing it.