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I have read many posts on this forum and feel a bit late to the very sad party…I am still feeling so lost without my husband/ partner of 30 years …even though it was three years ago next thursday…I was numb for so long …needing to be strong for everyone else …but I am now realising actually for myself . Dont really know what else to say other than,that for the most part I still find joy in so many things …our children (in their late twenties) our grandson (nearly 10) my wonderful friends …not necessarily the same ones sadly…

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There is no late or early arrival here on this forum , we all grieve in diffrent ways and three years on doesn’t mean you have suddenly got over your loss , I expect in three years I too will be posting here now and again to receive a little comfort

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Hi. Sam, and a warm Welcome to the site. There is no time limit to grief. One year or twenty, it can still happen at times that we feel down and lost. Time is really irrelevant in grief. That you can find some joy in so many things is a major step forward. You have a family, which so many of us don’t have. You are right about so called ‘friends’. Many of mine have dropped away, but the real ones still keep in touch. You are in the right place for virtual friends. I have made friends on here that are so kind and helpful.
As Geoff-tee says, it’s never too late to come on here, and better late than never. I do hope you will come back and talk. It’s not so much about helping ourselves, although that is important, but giving others help in a similar situation. We all learn from experience, and what we have learned in bereavement we can pass on to others, Blessings. John.