Not sinking in

Another sad and lonely weekend is upon us. Five months in and I am still walking around the house shaking my head constantly muttering “I just don’t believe it…how did this happen?” It still does not feel real …don’t think it ever will :pensive:


You are not alone @UnityMan saying those words. It’s nearly six months since I lost my wonderful husband and I do not think I will ever feel it is real.
Try and keep strong with your precious memories and looking at photographs.
Sending love.


My gorgeous fantastic wife sue passed away on the 1st February this year and it hasn’t sunk in at all xx


I can relate to that @UnityMan 8 weeks on since losing my husband and I’m still in denial, how can someone so precious have been taken away from me, thinking of the lovely memories and time we had together doesn’t really help just makes me feel more sad. We have to stay strong and pray these feelings will ease with time :pray: sending love xx


Its 2 years since my son left us, and I’m still asking that question.
I think most of us go through this for a while.
I found that it took until the first anniversary to start getting over the shock of our loss. Take each day a step at a time, look after yourself as best you can. Sadly, a loss as huge takes time to come to terms with.
Sorry I cant offer more comforting words


I know exactly how you feel @UnityMan … i got my husbands brother and nephew coming today and taking them for sunday lunch to pub … but been thinking of my husband all morning … thinking i wish i could turn the clock back and feeling so much regret i didnt MAKE him go to drs earlier :frowning: but we were both so naive really … :frowning: or maybe we were both hiding our head in sand i dunno … ?? God bless you xx


They do ease … the pain … you will go through many stages yet but its a painful journey ! Im still not totally ok 6 months on … :frowning:

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For me, even after nearly three years, the pain, (and the guilt), never goes away, it just dulls a bit. The reallity is that I don’t want it to go because I don’t ever want to forget her. Because of Covid, Paddy suffered alone until the very end so you can easily imagine my views on ‘Partygate’


Mmm … covid has a lot to answer for but im afraid i don’t blame “partygate” i blame the fact our health service is overstretched and went to sleep in lockdown !!! Xx