Not sleeping

3.30 am been awake for last hour and half. Cant sleep all things whirling in my head, doesn’t get any easier find I just lay here thinking of all the times we had together what wed be doing now with our beautiful granddaughters how I wish you could have met them, it’s so hard without you here.


Dear @Meggy, it must be so difficult for you because you lost that one person who completed your life. There isn’t anything I can say to make you feel better, I just hope your life improves some day, and I am always very concerned when someone writes they have difficulty sleeping because I am very grateful that 90% of the time, even when I have had really bad mental health problems, I have not had difficulty sleeping, and that really can make a huge difference because when you can’t sleep and are suffering from grief or mental health problems, it really is so difficult to cope. Is insomnia a regular occurence? I hope not, and it is normal to have the odd day when we cannot sleep due to unhappiness, but if it is, then there are things you can do that can help you, do let us know, hopefully you are asleep right now and have a day where you manage ok.

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Hi Meggy I lost my husband just before you did.(Sept 2018) but luckily I have managed to sleep ok.Sometimes I only wake up at 12 noon.
I suppose this is my way of coping with grief but everyone is different. There are some nights though when I do as you and keep thinking what I would be doing with my hubby in the morning.I had a night like this last night.I was thinking we would be going to a car boot sale today and enjoying our bargains. I had the chance to go with a friend but I cancelled it early this morning cos my heart isn’t in it. I got some excellent tabs from the doctor to help me with times like this do please ask for help if you need it.Nights are the worst time for all of us . I have posted on here sometimes in the early hours. There is always someone listening. I do hope your pattern of sleep improves.

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Hi i am not doing too bad at sleeping now but think thats because i am emotionllay exhausted now.
I have also been on tablets from dr they have helped but dont want to be on them for long.x

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Thank you. I cant bring myself to taking tablets to help sleep, I work early mornings and evenings, so I’m not alone in house, I’d worry I wont be able to get up for work. I have never been a good sleeper but it is worse now. I seem to survive on 4 hrs or less it’s like my mind wont switch off, I’ve blocked out alot, feel angry right now, got no one to shout at, dont want to burden my sons as I know they are struggling too.

Hi Meggy
Sleep is also one of my problems - I either take me too long to fall asleep, or I wake several times during the night or wake too early.
I don’t know what to suggest - sometimes I leave the TV on all night and the sound really low, and this helps me a little. Other times I go to sleep downstairs, I have been to a homeopath and acupuncturist and all these help a bit but soon I am back to sleep badly again. I think that in my case I just have to live with it for a while until it gets better.
So sorry I don’t have the magical suggestions
Sadie x