Not so strong

Tonight I had a moment of sadness. My son is leaving primary school and just wanted my loved ones to see this.
In 2019 I lost my sister suddenly, followed by my auntie 3 days later in march then my estranged mum and 2 weeks later my dad who was my world. I’ve been so strong for so many people and tonight I just needed my dad here to tell me how proud he is.
Why isn’t this getting any easier and why do I feel so weak! My world has been shattered and I’ve thrown myself into university and my own little family but I’m so desperate for someone to take some of my pain. Sorry for the babble


Oh, Kate, you have been unbelievably strong to get through all you have. I’m sure your dad would be very proud of you. Although I don’t know you I’m proud of you for keeping it together and getting your son through primary school. If I can take some of your pain I will, but you are far, far tougher than you give yourself credit for xxx

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Thank you, I find I am so tough but some days it all feels too much. I’m not sure if this is normal or or if I should be over it now. People say it gets easier but is it we just learn to deal with things better.

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