Not sure how much more I can take

My husband of 45 yrs died in Aug 2020 of cancer but he was only diagnosed 3 weeks before he died, it was cancer, he had become ill in May 2020, the hospital mistakenly diagnosed him with pneumonia
As you can imagine I was absolutely devastated when he died
I have a good family who supported me
But in Feb 2021 my eldest sister was found dead in her house she had died in the night with heart disease, We were so shocked and devastated to lose her and couldn’t believe we had 2 deaths in the family in 6 months, the family pulled together to get each other through, 1yr later feb 2022 our sister in law died, she had had some health problems, 2 weeks ago my Brother died of cancer, we found out he had terminal cancer in Aug 2020 just after my husband had died
He fought hard and long but losing his wife took its toll on him
Myself and my sister have tried to stay strong for all the children, grandchildren, but I have to say my brothers death has hit us really hard
I can’t think straight, I’m not sleeping very well, I can’t be bothered to do anything it all seems so pointless
it’s hard to talk to anyone as the whole family are grieving


So much sorrow, I’m sorry i have no words to help, but thinking of you and hope you can find the strength to support both of you. Hugs x

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Dear jean9

I’m so very sorry with all your going through so many of your family gone in such a short time . I struggle every day with the loss of my partner 15 months ago .

I know you said you can’t talk to your family cos they are grieving well so are you and you should all be grieving together your all going through the same thing and understand it exactly how your all feeling. You can help each other .
There’s no easy way around any of this it’s all so horrendous every day
Please take care of yourself
Sending hugs to you x


Do you have a sympathetic GP? Maybe antidepressants and sleeping tablets would help, even in the short term. Lack of sleep makes everything so much harder to get through. After my mum died I waited too long before asking for antidepressants and I wish I’d reached out sooner. They don’t take any of the pain away but they stop if from becoming overwhelming.

Thank you, I saw my gp after my husband died he said it was to soon to take them, it was only when I sought counselling that he gave me antidepressants which I took for a couple of months
When my sister died I started to have quite bad palpitations and panic attacks he then gave me beta blockers
I hate feeling comatosed and they make me so tired all day, but I did take them for a month,but even on them I don’t sleep well, napping through the day and awake through the night so you cant live on them,

Hi jean9,

I can’t even imagine what you’re going thru . I send you hugs xx

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Sending big hugs. You have dealt with so much loss so wish I had some useful words except to say please try to talk to each other as you probably are all feeling the same. Xxx

Thank you for your kind words, We are trying to comfort and protect each other
The kids as old as they are, are shocked and frightened And trying to be strong for us, but they are all, so upset, and they are dealing with the grandchildren’s upset, I know my sister is only just holding it together
I’m hoping god gives us a break for while , but I suppose we will have to see, stay safe, god bless x

You sound like you have a lovely family but you must talk to someone to help you at this horrible time. Maybe talking counselling could help although my mum who lost my amazing dad recently won’t consider that but coming in here helps me talk ri her whilst managing my own heartbreak. Life so cruel sometimes I pray you her a break soon. Big hugs xxx