Not sure how to cope

My dad passed away in June it was very quick he went from talking to end of life care in 4 days. Sister seemed to want to rush through all the preparations and we had his funeral in july. I felt that I really didn’t have time to process the shock of him dying. I am currently finding it quite difficult and seems to have days where I feel it’s overwhelming, my sister has not replied to any of my messages. I am talking to my husband and in laws but I am not sure if I am coping.

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Hi 3110,
Just take baby steps ok and rest, look after yourself, eat when you can and whatever you can and just try to get through each hour then the day. It is the most painful experience ever and there are no right or wrong ways to deal with grief . Keep posting on her. Post about your day, your feelings and anything at all because people really care and understand on here.
Thinking of you
Deborah x


Thankyou so much for your advice, just to know others have gone or going through this helps. I have a busy job and lots of things to think about, which helps at times but I feel that part of me is missing.

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