not sure where to start

New to this, my brother, father and sister have all died in the last 2 years and its getting on top of me.

Hi Cappy,

Im am so so sorry for your losses.

The loss of my Mum has been unbearableā€¦ for you to go through the losses of a Parent and 2 siblingsā€¦ within 2yrs! Im so sorry. I donā€™t know what to say apart from Im so sorry. You must be a very strong person.


Oh Cappy, I am so sorry. I lost my Mom in 2012, and then my younger sister in 2018.
One loss compounds the next and can leave you overwhelmed. Do you have someone you can talk to? Other family? This is just too much for one person to bear alone. So glad you came to this forum. You will find kind and understanding people here, always willing to listen. Keep posting.