Nothing special

I used to go to work on Monday morning and friends and colleagues would ask what I had done at the weekend my standard reply was nothing special I worked on a Saturday morning and after work my husband and I would have something special for dinner a few glasses of wine and discuss the week Sunday in the summer go to a street market browsing for goodies. Followed by lunch and then home sit in garden planning what to grow in the winter it was Sunday dinner reading and discussing the papers then watching strictly we were learning to dance How do you replace this I wish I had nothing special on this weekend thinking of everybody and Thankyou for being here xxxx


Oh Angie, those times were so special, thinking of you x

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Hi Angie
Hope you don’t mind but you have mad me smile and I wonder now how many of us wish we had ‘Nothing special’ to do once again. All those ‘nothing specials’ that we took for granted.