Nothings the same

Nothings the same anymore. I sit here watching tele but there’s no one to talk about the program to. I get myself a cup of tea and Jim’s cup is sittin on the worktop empty . I get a meal and sit on my own trying to eat it. Tonite I did some art a thing jim used to love to see but when finished no one to say thats good or not. I feel lost like I’m just floating around looking for my old life but it’s gone and I can’t get it back ever. I hurt from the inside out. This is the pic I did a friend of mine is going to sell it for me and the moneys going towards Jim’s headstone so I don’t mind doing them cause I feel it’s for jim. I have no interest in doing anything another wise


I know it’s it little consolation but I love your drawing and hares are one of my spirit animals so thank you x

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Hi Misprint. I wish I could offer some consolation but this is how most of us feel. You are not alone. Eventually the searing pain will begin to heal and then you can start to remember the wonderful memories that you have. Unfortunately Grief ebbs and flows. You think you are ok then it hits you like a truck.


Thanks Suzanne glad you liked it .


That’s a beautiful drawing…Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Living without our special one at our side is probably the hardest thing we ever have to do because we are so diminished by the absence of their physical presence but in truth, we carry them within us always…sometimes they are so close we can almost touch them!
When you are feeling a little stronger, perhaps you could find a way of using your gift…which your husband recognised and was so proud of…to enrich someone else’s life?
Take care x


Thank you for a beautiful reply amelie

I’ve just found this group and I’m reading so much that I’m feeling too. Watching a program on tv and having no one to talk about it to etc. xx