Now in a slightly better place

Hi. I’m now in a slightly better place although the pain of my girl not being here is still there.
Medication has now started to kick in and halfway through councelling sessions which appears to help.
I want to thank all those who have stayed in contact and am giving this site another chance.
Hope your are keeping well and safe in this horrendous time we are going through. Jay

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Hi Jay, that is great to hear you’re slightly better, and that you’re back here. Medications can definitely help some people so that is why I think people who are really struggling should consider taking them if suggested by their GP. Who are you doing counselling through? Sue Ryder?

Hi Jay - I am fairly new to the site. Good to hear that you are now feeling some relief with your meds. You are now having counselling too. Very brave. I have registered with CRUSE for some sessions - it’s about a 4 week wait which is understandable. Keep on sharing .Alison

It’s a local charity run by volunteers and due to my sudden unexpected and tragic loss prioritised me which was nice of them. They just make a small charge for each session of which there are 10. It’s done over the phone but would normally be face to face.
Due to shock I was having memory and sleeping problems.

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That’s good that they took you on, hopefully by the end of the sessions you will be able to cope a bit better with your grief.

Really pleased to hear your news Jay, if you can find help, maybe I can too

I’m not there yet or think I will ever be but I think the medication has helped to calm my head down. I don’t get the feeling of wanting to end it all so often. Trying to think of good memories but often the feeling of loss overtakes. Nothing can remove the pain of not having my girl with me though.
Still getting through each day at a time.

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Hi Jay I think that’s the thing we tend to look and keep remembering all the horrible things around the illness and passing we have to remember the very good times. I’m glad your feeling slightly better as you can be.

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