Hi. My name is Nicky. I dont know what i am suppose to say…
I lost my husband Colin in July, cardiac arrest. He went out to work that morning, i heard the front door close, an hour later, my world stopped. I was driving to work when the police called me. It was the Monday morning, Thursday, he was gone. My heart hurts all the time, i feel sick and so lonely. We have been together 34 years this year. How am i suppose to live without him.


So sorry to hear this. This site will enable you to realise that you’re not alone. I lost my husband in February and like you my world stopped and sometimes I can’t see a reason to carry on. Talking to others on here, who have experienced similar heart-breaking events, can help in a strange way because you then realise that you’re not going totally mad with how you’re feeling. Take care Gail xx


I have those same thoughts all the time.
Our friends have been fantastic and they have supported me so very much but their lives are carrying on. His family have also been brilliant and i dont know what i would have done without them especially his brother and his partner. We both came from big families and thankfully live quite close to each other but I feel quilty calling them, taking up their time listening to me, reminding them of their loss to. I have survivors quilt i think, i am sure they would have Colin here instead of me and i can understand that, i work in an environment where i deal with loss all the time and it does make me feel quilty and i do wish i had gone first but then i think…i would not have wanted Colin to go through this pain, i love him too much for that.