I am trying to feel something anything, but I just feel empty & so tired.

Hi Karen1, I’m glad you’ve found us. There are quite a few of us who have lost a parent and are struggling. I hope you find the forum a comfort.

Welcome Karen.Sorry for your loss.I know what you mean about the numbness and I’m still feeling exhausted even after 3 weeks.Everyone on here are so supportive and caring.They were my lifeline when I couldn’t see any future.Post what you want,when you want.We’re listening!

Hi Karen,
Sorry for the recent loss of your mum. There are several of us posting every day about the sudden or recent loss of our mums. I am 48 and I thought my 74 year old mum was brilliant for her age. She suffered a catastrophic brain hemorrhage 15 minutes after a routine operation under local anaesthetic.
Almost 6 months down the line and I’m still in shock and cry every day.
Cheryl x