Since my husband passed ,I cant look at our pictures it’s like i surreal , didnt happen ,like we weren’t together , like a dream of 15 years , he was 39 , so am i , i feel like how will i live another 40 years and remember this ?

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So sorry for the loss of your husband .

39 is so young. I won’t say Rachel is that it gets any easier in time, it doesn’t .

Dealing with the affairs and funeral etc gets you through the early “numb” stages then the grief comes along like a huge monster that won’t leave you alone , be prepared, I wasn’t I thought I was doing ok but I’m getting worse .
The biggest advice is the most common one , it’s day by day and hope that some days it gets a wee bit less hurtful. I won’t say better, it never gets better .

I find putting EXACTLY how you feel down in posts on here helps , no one judges you and only us know exactly what you are going through .

Try and remember to look after yourself, you are still here or at least 50% of you .

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Dear @Rachey82, I understand you completely, since losing Mike 5 weeks ago I find looking at photos of us together or him on his own is like something unrecognisable . It’s almost like I’ve dropped into this house after been away for years and it’s strange to say the least. I read somewhere the grieving process can often dismiss things to help you through the hardest times but that the feelings come back once you are ready to cope.
Maybe there are others who have experienced this and can validate
Take care of you
Jen x