Hi All ,
Lost my mum suddenly last February, 5 weeks later we were told dad had 6/12 months - has terminal prostate cancer.
Currently off sick from NHS , sharing care with my sister - dad is never left alone.
Don’t feel like I’ve had time to grieve for mum as we were straight in to running 2 houses & looking after dad but now it’s come to head that’s it’s end of life for dad.
Feel depressed, guilty for being away so much from hubby & my girls 14 & 18 yrs.
Days are long -we stay over a 24 hour period.
Dad is staying at home until the end .
My head / heart feels numb …


Dear @Traybee53

I am sorry to hear of the sudden loss of your mum and that your dad has Prostate Cancer. You have not had time to grieve with caring for your dad and emotionally and mentally this will takes it toll on you, all of which is understandable and making you feel the way you are.

I am sure your husband and girls will understand what you are going through and would want you to be with your dad and I think you would feel guilty if you were not with your dad at the end. You are doing a marvellous job as caring for someone nearing the end of their life is hard and it can be very tiring and emotionally draining.

We are all here for you and understand what you are going through, please keep reaching out at any time, you are not alone.

Take care.