Oh dear ...

I thought I was doing OK today. I managed to work and then I started clearing the house and garden as I have people coming tomorrow to collect the stuff I am throwing out. Then I looked at the large canvas photo of Andrew that looks down on me and I completely lost it. I am in pieces now and feel very very lonely.

I miss him so very much and I am so very lost without him …


Hi . It is so hard . We think we are in control for a while and then something triggers us and we are lost in our grief and sobbing . So sorry you are feeling like this . I do understand . And I am sure most if not all on this site are the same . I am sorry there is nothing I can say to help you . But we all know how it is now . Missing the one person that made everything perfect . Sending love and strength to help us get through these sad days . Xtake carex


Thank you! It helps to know I am not alone.

Sonia xx


@SSTC22 - I’ve had one of my worst days today and it’s 7 months since my husband died suddenly. Why do these days just creep up on you when you think you’re doing a bit better?
I’ve been alone all day and haven’t felt I could reach out to any of my family and friends. I’m not sure why but I know if I do I’ll feel just as lonely even when I’m with them. This isn’t getting any easier.



I’m sitting here with my dog thinking about my husband (when do I not think about him?) and feeling sad but trying not to cry. I’ve done a lot of that today. It’s so hard and lonely as you all know. As you say Flossie the feeling of being lonely is still there even when with people.

Sending love to all.X


Sorry Flossy spelt your name wrong in my previous post.x

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I’m so sorry for you.
Today I’ve felt so lonely and this bungalow just an empty shell.
I lay here reading or listening to wireless and discover I’ve done nothing for 4 hours!
Lost my beloved 27th May, 2022 and was buried 23rd June, and on 5th August would have been our 55th wedding anniversary, I’m dreading that day to be honest because we planned something special and now it’s impossible but as you say this loneliness is awful, even when other people are here that loneliness doesn’t go away.
I know it’s very early days and still so raw but we were each others encouragers & validators and enjoyed bouncing ideas and suggestions off of each other every day and that had gone leaving this huge chasm of emptiness and loneliness.

I get comfort in here knowing I am not alone with these feelings and it “normal” in grief to feel this way but I truly wish it would stop.

I’m 75 years young and my beloved was my only love and I miss her terribly. She was everything I ever imagined and more in a wife.

Thank you for being here and sharing so we can receive some comfort from each other.

Gentle hugs, john (and marian) :pray::dove:


Hi so sorry for your loss . This life we have now is so so hard . When it’s the only life you knew . Your whole world has gone . Everything about your life is so different and so sad. And the loneliness is soul destroying . Your wedding anniversary . Will be so hard . It was ours in June 40 years . I was a mess all day . I tried to tidy the garden as an anniversary gift to my husband . It did look better after I had finished it . But then looked at photos on his phone . And it was no where as beautiful as he had it . But I know I did my best . Keep posting on here . I have found it helps me a lot . Sending love and strength to help us through these sad days .xtake carex