Old friends, new beginnings

Ok, so - here’s the thing. I put some of Tom’s antiques and pictures into an auction that is coming up. A package arrived today and when I opened it, I was a bit winded - it was the auction catalogue. As they say “stuff just got real”. I took it to my desk, sat down and opened it at a random page - and there, looking gorgeous on the page, was one of Tom’s largest portrait paintings. Oooof - right? And yet - after the initial jolt, I knew I have done the right thing in saying farewell to all these huge pieces.

I also had an offer accepted on a house - one much better suited to me than the initial one I chose earlier in the year but pulled out of buying because it was in a very isolated location. The new house is more modern, near to friends and everything I like about this little town and absolutely flooded with light. I am very happy with it and feel that, finally, I am moving forward. I share all this with you because I know you will understand and because you have supported me along the way, these past 20 months. It is a sunny day and a long walk in the forest beckons. Hold tight, everyone, hold on - better days are coming. x


@Vancouver thank you for a lovely positive post. You are much further on this journey than me but you give us all hope that life can be ok again.

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That’s amazing. I’m really pleased for you. All the decisions we make are usually sprinkled with guilt and it’s a good feeling when the decision you make ends up being a good one and for the better.
You have come along way and the only person responsible for that, is you. Well done! Good luck on the move into your next chapter. The rest of your book of life is waiting to be written.


Many thanks, @Jan17 @Ali29 - we wobble forward together, and I am lucky to have your support, your understanding and your friendship xx


Having some small idea of the terrible journey that you have had it’s good to know that something is bringing a little sunshine into the darkness,good for you and long may it continue.

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Bless you, @miker - thank you for your support all the way through x

I hope youre right … dont feel very positive today 9 months into this sad journey … miss him all the time … :frowning: xx

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I know, @Deb5 , I know - just hang in there, hold on - it really will be ok xx

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