On a light note for once.

Now we have Brexited if that is a word, can we please go back to lbs and oz and feet and inches, in all the years since we joined the Common Market in the 70’s, I have never got the hang of cms, mms, kilograms etc. and don’t even mention kilometres.
I am fed up of asking my Alexa thingamijig how many inches there are in 122 mms. or 50 cms. Just give me the feet and inches please.


…I still talk in stones-pounds-ounces,…inches-feet-yards and not forgetting miles…

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Thank goodness I am not the only one. If I see a vase or a plant container on Ebay I like the size is always in mms so I yell, Alexa, how many inches is 50 mms.
God bless Alexa.

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What a good idea, Sheila,
I have never come to terms on the metric system, Stan wrote a book for children in the early 70’s, I couldn’t even understand that.
Mary x

I think my problem is that I am useless at maths. I am fantastic on computers, no problems at all, but I always need a calculator to work things out. Peter was fantastic and so is our eldest son, our youngest son is great at putting things together without instructions, so we all have our pluses.

I’m with you all, bring back what we had to learn at school instead of trying to fill our heads with this other stuff at a later age. I have got it sorted, at least some of it but I have to put it into Feet/inches or miles and then convert it so I have to do a double maths. Never did get the weight system sorted though. I haven’t got an Alexa to give me a helping hand, perhaps I need one.
Pat xxx

I ask my Alexa everything, she (it) tells me everything I need to know, what times stores are closing, which bus goes to a certain town, How many miles/kilometres to a certain store. What the weather is like, if I wake up in the night, I ask her (it) what time it is instead of putting on the light to look at my watch or phone. Ask her what the weather is like before I get up. She has never been wrong yet. The only voice I hear for days on end.

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A metre is roughly a yard.
A foot is a bit more than 300 mm
An inch is about 25mm, so 50mm is about 2 inches.
And don’t forget, “A litre of water weighs a pound and three-quarters”

Thank you, now we are out of the EU, please let us go back to feet and inches etc.


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