On shaky ground

I am 64 y.o. After taking care of
My dad with cancer for 2 yrs Bringing him
To drs, hospitals rehabs , being his
Advocate, he passed in aug 2016
A few months later , my dog who
Was the love of my life had to be put down
the stress was so bad I got an overactive thyroid. I’m also a diabetic on insulin
Lately I wake up with anxiety
I’m always crying and having difficulty
Coping. I’m so upset and in fear
I’m also terrified of going to drs and
Getting test results. I am functioning,
I do my job but I’m
So unhappy. I did make an appt
With a therapist. Haven’t started yet
I’m just so scared of everything

Other things had happened
Since then. My finger tip got chopped
Off by my window. 4 stitches later
And broke my toe and was out of
Commission for 2 months.

I went away to PR to unwind
And relax last week and wound up
Getting locked out on the terrace
Of the hotel without my phone or
Diabetic supplies. Panic ensued
I finally yelled enough for a guard
To hear But that left me drained
And caused spotting of blood
I feel so vulnerable and scared
Thank you for listening

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So sorry to hear of your losses. Having cared for your dad for 2 years the loss of him as your dad and your role as a carer must be having a big impact on you. I’m glad that you will be getting a therapist. Can you get yourself another dog? I know you cannot replace in your heart the one you have lost but we all need something to love and care for and something to love and care for us. Take care of yourself, you are not alone in all this, there are others thinking of you.

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Dear Alan, thank you for your caring words. All I do is cry. I can’t wait to speak to the therapist, I have an appt next Thursday. I cannot get another dog, but I may get
A parrolet, these birds are affectionate and so adorable. But my stress levels have caused me health problems and I must deal with that first. I’m just so In fear of everything. I hope this dr. Will help me. I feel so broken.

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I’m so sorry to hear this. As you can tell by my profile name I love cats, well maybe animals. I understand how you also miss your dog. I hope the therapist will help you, be completely honest with them.

I have to be honest otherwise how would that benefit me. I hope the dr is an
Animal lover. No one can understand unless they loved and lost. I miss my
Dog so much. I miss hugging him
And kissing him. I’m crying now as I write

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