On your own

Why is it when it hits you the hardest and you need someone it’s always when nobody is there :sob:


Someone is always here. I have just returned from a surprise 30th birthday party that my son organised for his girlfriend. An event that his Father and I were helping him organise. His Dad is not here but as his Mum I am picking up the work and support of both of us. It is so hard and so lonely without our husband by our side but I knew I had to keep my emotions to myself tonight. It is a difficult and lonely journey sometimes but the support of this forum is priceless in helping us all to know that we are not alone in this very difficult journey. Sending lots of love and hugs.


We’ve just celebrated our sons 22nd birthday few friends round at ours everyone goes and boom, it’s so hard putting the brave face on


We’ll done you :clap::clap: my son got married just three months after my husband died but I was determined to push my grief to one side as it was his day and nothing was going to spoil it. Yes it was hard and exhausting but I did it. Cried buckets afterwards but John would have been so proud of all of us that day.


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There is nobody here for me just about all the time. We had no children. The nearest family is 4 hours away. Neighbours pop in occasionally and carers 30 mins first thing. Otherwise alone to cry and remember.
Love and hugs. Sandra