One debacle after the other!

Having chosen the Coop to take care of my beloved’s cremation, the whole thing has been one issue after another.

First, they did not order the coffin I wanted, then the embalming was awful and now it looks like they did not take his fingerprints as requested when I book the cremation. I was told of the latter today, on Andrew’s birthday!

I am fuming and very very upset. Luckily, I cut some of his hair and beard so I have something of him to create a piece of jewellery to wear.

My next worry is, did they give me the right ashes?!

I am fuming!!

Oh I am so sorry, they have really messed up and I am afraid it’s not the first time I have heard of the co-op letting people down. It is one profession that needs to be perfect. I am pleased you got some items and I hope it gives you some comfort. The ashes should be correct because it’s the crematorium stuff that deal with that side and they are very organised. Grieving is bad enough without stupid things happening which are out of our control. Sending blessings and hugs hoping it help you feel a little better. S xxx

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