One year on

It’s now one year since my husband of 40 years died, I can’t believe he’s been gone a year. I still miss him so much. Family and friends were able to mark the day by reminiscing about happier times and things he’d said or done but all I can do is cry and think about his last few weeks of suffering. When will it get easier to think about him and talk about him?


How long is a piece of string. When you’re ready, then you will be able to do this. There is no time scale with grief, we have different situations and experiences.

I keep thinking, when work it end but have realised it won’t end, I will get used to it. I miss him terribly but life also keeps going and so do we.


Yes i agree there is no timescale everyones grief lasts forever but hopefully it is more manageable over time. We will never not have grief as it will be wilth us for life but it will not be as intense as it is in early days.
Try to be strong we need to survive and get through the days we have left before we can be reunited with our partners.
I for one dont believe it is over when we die there must be a parallel universe where we will be reunited again . x

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I’m sure we will see them again. There just seems so much out there to validate that they are around. Do you read any books on grief or the afterlife? I find it comforting. xxx

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Hi @youareunbelievable
Read books on grief nothing on the afterlife but there has to be something afterall were do the thougts memories we share go we created together so they must somehow be reunited in a later time.

Like you I lost my husband nearly one year ago. He died after a very short illness after contracting sepsis. We were married for 56 years.
Family and friends keep telling me how well I’m doing, how brave I am. But I’m not doing well….it’s like I’m wearing a mask for the outside world, the reality is that I’m dying inside. I just feel that sooner or later the mask will crack and I’ll just shatter.

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