One year past

Mum died a year ago yesterday and I just can’t function.
I was ok over the weekend, feeling confident that I would be fine, I was done grieving wasn’t I? Yesterday I woke up feeling so low and today I want my Mum so much the pain feels physical.
I’ve not been at work the last couple of days because I just know I won’t be able to do anything practical. Now I’m thinking that I’ll lose my job, as I was off last week with covid as well, but I can’t make myself care. What’s the point without Mum? She’s was my only constant, the only thing in my life that kept me anchored. The only person who loved me unconditionally.
I hate feeling like this, I want this to be over. I’m so done with grieving.

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Dear Kabixixi

I am sorry for the pain you are going through. Grieving takes time. There is no time limit. Grief is a rollercoaster of emotions with good days and bad days. It has only been a year since your mum passed and this is still very raw.

I see you have had Covid which I hope you are starting to recover from. That will pull you down even more and when we are not well that is when we want our mum for comfort. The pain of losing a parent is awful and they do leave an empty hole in your life.

You need to take one day at a time and most importantly take care of yourself. If you are up to it I would email or ring your manager and explain how you are feeling. It was the 1st anniversary of your mum yesterday and you have Covid which is draining and tiring on the body. Your manager would understand as you are mentally and physically drained.

Your mum would want you to carry on hard as it is and you will get there. Grief cannot be rushed.

Please continue to reach out and get well soon.


I understand your pain. It’s been only a month for me but I’m sure time will never heal it for me. Loss of mom or dad
is the worst possible pain ever. Please talk to your boss and let her know you are struggling physically and emotionally. I am unable to function as well.
I totally understand your situation. It’s so difficult.
Keep talking here with people and it will help a little with the pain.