Online Community update - new categories

Good morning everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just launched some new categories on the Online Community, to make it easier to find people in similar situations. We noticed that our users often want to speak to others who’re going through the same thing. So we’ve created three new categories for the most common situations that our users want support with:

  • Losing a partner - For anyone who has lost their husband, wife, partner or civil partner.
  • Losing a parent - For anyone who has lost a parent, which can include a step-parent or guardian.
  • Losing a child - For bereaved parents who have lost a child of any age, including adult children.

You can select one of these categories when creating a new conversation, or click on the links on the homepage to view recent conversations in each category.

Don’t fit into any of these categories, or want to talk about bereavement more generally? You can still use our Coping with bereavement or Life after bereavement categories.

Due to the updates, some existing categories have new colours, so you may find that conversations you’ve previously visited have changed colour.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with me on, or just reply to this post.

Community Manager

Thank you Priscilla I lost my husband aged 58 to cancer five months ago I’ve been coping well but the last few weeks have been hard I can’t stop crying and feel so drained I have fantastic support from my children and no worries to add extra burden so why has it hit me again so very hard ? We never celebrated Xmas and went abroad every year for the last 26 to avoid the hype so why when I hear all the Xmas songs in shops do I have to leave crying He wasn’t ill until a few weeks before he died but looking back did I miss signs ! How could he have gone in the space of two weeks from ok to unconscious on life support organs fail and dies The last week was awful I couldn’t stay on the cancer ward and watch him die I told him when he was unconscious on the Wednesday to go as he looked in pain I told him I loved him and he was the best husband in the world Why didn’t I stay I didn’t go back and our two children stayed with him until he died two days later I miss him so much My mind is full of what ifs which I know I can’t do anything about but they hurt Annamarie

Hi Annamarie,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your husband. Grief is not a straightforward process, so it’s completely normal to have ups and downs, and there doesn’t always have to be a particular reason to have a bad few weeks. Some people do find that it hits them harder some months down the line, perhaps because the initial shock wears off.

When you feel ready, I’d encourage you to start a new conversation in the Losing a Partner section to share some of your story - you should get some supportive replies from people in similar situations.

Thanks Sheila, it’s good to know you like the update!