Other peoples grief

My best mate found her step dad dead last night. Im devastated for her but along with that it’s bought back so many memories/thoughts etc of my own parents. My dad was found outside the house 3 years ago and my mum died 2wks after a cancer diagnosis in October. She was talking and laughing one day and then the next was dead.
I’m in tears about it all and the most my partner said is ‘don’t make this about you’. I’m trying so hard not to make this about me which is why i didnt cry and weep down the phone when my friend was telling me about all this but spoke to my partner about my feelings instead.

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Hello @Hayley10, thank you for reaching out. I think a lot of members will understand how you’re feeling right now. You sound like a very caring friend, but it is completely understandable that your best friend’s loss will trigger memories and feelings of your own.

You deserve support too and I’m glad you’ve reached out here. If you think some extra support could be helpful right now, you can explore all our Online Bereavement Support here.

I hope this is helpful, I just wanted you to know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take care,

Oh Hayley, it’s bound to bring back memories of your own grief. It never goes away you just learn to live with it. Look after yourself and share on here x