Our Love Is Here To Stay

How do I live without you - Because I believe death did not end our relationship

Your love is my life’s blood that I’ll continue to sip
You are still with me just in a different way, you are still in my life but in a new way
We are interconnected by consciousness
Our love is the fundamental fabric of me and is fathomless
Where there is beauty I will find you there
But I just can’t see you however hard I stare
Just a teardrop can reflect the moon and all the stars in the sky
My eyes will reflect you as they cry
Every breath I take is now for you too
If I put my hand on my heart I can feel it now beats for two
I believe you can still see and hear me, in my dreams you will remain with me
I now live in moments mesmerised by our memories and bond
These transcend infinity and beyond
The veil between life and death is translucent
The light of your love diffuses through any vent
I want you to be remembered, I want to share your story
Keeping your memory alive will be my life’s glory
I put on a mask to mould my memories to my mind
My memories comfort me this I do find
I carry the pain of missing the physical you
As it’s a symptom of the immense love I hold for you
I want your life to have made a difference
I want to share the love you gave me in my existence
Grief may overpower me at times this is true
I may take baby steps, but every step I take is now for you
I’m learning to live again in a different way with you
All that matters is that I Love You


That is beautiful :heart_eyes:
Love and hugs :hugs: Jacky

Thank you Jacky. Glad you enjoyed reading it.
Joan x

That is so lovely.
How can I cope with our 59th wedding anniversary on May 19.
This is the first without him & we always went away for a few days on our anniversary. A month later it is his birthday & Fathers Day on the same day. The children are already saying they are dreading it. Any ideas please on how we can get through these days. I am in such pain & the tears are pouring down my cheeks as I type.

Light a candle for your loved one on those days in memory.
I did that for my dad and it was satisfying it was almost like he was watching.
We have to do things to honor our loved ones, it really helps.
My Gary had bought some car sear covers for my new car he bought me and neither of us could put them on.
So I paid someone to put them on and it made me feel so good I knew he was watching. I honored him in doing that. It made me happy too.
Maybe there is something that you can do on those special days that can help you
Take care

Thank you for your suggestions Gary54. The candle is a great idea.

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You are welcome.
You will get through this