Not been feeling great this wk
Felt like shit sorry but I do
Nobody understands what your going through
My Dads 1 year anniversary was on sun
I written a post
Cant beleive been 1 year on Valentine’s Day that he died💔
Now on sun husband naybe scattering his mums ashes we will all go
Then later pop in see my mum as her birthday that day too
Then following wk daughter birthday
Not sleeping great at night
Felt awful over emend nobody seem to notice or even acknowledge anniversary
I did light candle for my dad got few balloons written msg released them into sky
Got rose for him
Feel got a lot of guild and regrets but cant change any of it
Said prayer just hope he knows someone cares and remembered
Felt really down sad emotional
Started going out short walk again along Kelvin just helps wee bit just to get myself out
But difficult

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Hi, you sound as there’s so much going on all at the same time. Yes, taking walks will help but oh dear how can you clear your head to deal with everyday life, it makes my head spin. Is there anyone you can talk to just to give you a little relief? What I really want to do is give you a big hug, then a cup of tea or something and sit and listen. Sorry, right now that’s not possible but if there is someone, talk. Be careful and look after yourself because you are very vulnerable at present. Bless you. S xx

Hi Susie
Thanks yes it’s very difficult
Felt so bad overwhelmed & depressed start of week
I have counselling on & off
Not much support from family or my husband
He didn’t even notice nobody did that it was my dads anniversary
I’m devastated don’t think I’ll ever get over it
Cant beleive he died
As fir mum in law wow never forget it she died of rare form of cancer
Few days before she died she stoped eating drinking her breathing was shallow she looked so different
Shocked how quickly she went downhill fast and died
She was always old fashioned and tough strong
We were going to scatter her ashes this sun but husband said he may do it then or get half day from work or next wk
It’s difficult cause we’re going from his. Umma ashes she’s dead to going see my mum for her birthday and she’s alive
Then my daughters birthday next wk
I’m not sleeping well at night have lot bad dreams
Think relates to my life & feeling trapped

Hello. You do seem to need help and perhaps a talk with your GP may help. There’s so much going on and yes I suspect help is needed to get through the coming weeks/months. Grief is horrible and everyone is different and it affects everyone different which makes it hard to know what the best way forward is but life throws these curved balls at us and sometimes we need more help than we think just to get through. At present the lockdown situation is not helping any of us, so please take time to think what’s going to be best for you. Take extra care. S xx

Hi Susie
I be ok kept busy anyway carer to my daughter & son
Will try go out a walk again later that helps for wee bit take mind of things

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